No Cost Decorating

by Rhondi Mullins on December 6, 2012

No cost decorating.  At this time of year when  there are so many things to spend money on, the prospect of doing some decorating without spending any money is very appealing to me!  What do you have in your home that you could use to decorate with for the holiday?   I think you can take pretty much anything and tie a bow around it or hang it on a tree:  spoons, jewelry, little toys,stuffed animals.   When our kids were little we made yards and yards of popcorn strings and  paper chains.  There are lots of possibilities to decorate without spending money.

I love china, especially blue and white. When I see a plate for $1 at a yard sale or a vase for just a couple of dollars I feel the need to bring it home with me.   Needless to say I have too much blue and white china!

So I “shopped the house”.  That’s the easiest way do no cost decorating and I found some things to tie on the tree: a small cup

DSC01667 225x300 No Cost Decorating

a little teapot

DSC01668 225x300 No Cost Decorating

 a cow creamer a friend brought back from France

DSC01670 225x300 No Cost Decorating

 some miniature Dutch shoes

DSC01669 225x300 No Cost Decorating

a Delft shoe my Dad brought back from Holland many years ago

DSC01671 225x300 No Cost Decorating

a napkin ring ( I’ve got lots of those)


DSC01672 225x300 No Cost Decorating


Usually this  little tree goes in the sunroom but since I did the twig tree there I decided to put it in a corner of the dining room instead.  The plates on the wall sparked the idea to use some of the china to decorate the tree.

DSC016661 No Cost Decorating

Other years I have trimmed a little tree on the kitchen island,but this year  I used some larger pieces too, since the tree was larger.  I ran into one  little problem a I began to tie the china onto the branches: my little tree began to  lean forward.  So I took some strong wire, tied it around the trunk and nailed it into the chair rail so it would not come crashing over one night when we weren’t home.

DSC01676 No Cost Decorating

Placing  it on the wicker tea trolley made it a good height.  And there you have it a beautiful tree without spending any money.  No cost decorating, my favorite way to decorate.

Do you have any no cost decorating ideas you’d like to share with us?

pixel No Cost Decorating

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Debbie December 20, 2012 at 2:44 am

LOVE all your blue and white and I especially LOVE the tree!!


Michelle Harrison December 12, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Delightful! I love blue and white china, also. You surely made lovely use of yours.


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