September Garden

by Rhondi Mullins on September 16, 2014

It’s September and my garden is a mess!  As soon as it turns hot my poor garden gets ignored, so my September garden never looks good.  Right now it is full of weeds.  The neighbors have a mimosa tree that drops a gazillion seeds in our garden and I think every one of them has sprouted!  But in amongst the weeds there are some pretty things growing.

image14 375x500 September Garden

 The sedum is beautiful. This one is called “autumn joy”.

image15 375x500 September Garden

 Our beautyberry bush is loaded with these beautiful purple berries.

image12 373x500 September Garden

 The blossoms on this solidago remind me of fireworks!

image13 e1410878586303 373x500 September Garden The rain lilies are popping up everywhere and they are so cheerful.

image16 e1410878748271 373x500 September GardenI don’t remember planting this begonia in this planter so it might have seeded itself .  Such a delicate blossom and a beautiful color of pink.

So even though the September garden is a mess there is still beauty to be found. There are still flowers blooming among the weeds. Isn’t that how it is with life?  It can be a mess, chaotic, stressful, but if you look hard enough, you can usually find something to be thankful for in the midst of it.

Untitled 1 e1410266397502 September Garden


Fall Wreath

by Rhondi Mullins on September 9, 2014

This time of year lots of you are decorating your homes for fall.  Big pots of mums are available in all the stores.  People are putting up fall wreaths on their front doors and pots of mums on the porch or at the doorway.  Yesterday was the first day that felt a little like fall.  So this morning it got me thinking about what to do to make the front entrance look “fallish”.

Do you put a wreath or something at your front entrance?  That’s where I planned to put mine, but you know what?  We never use the front door because we park the cars at the back.  So who am I decorating for?  the neighbors?  some random person driving through the neighborhood? the UPS lady? Hmm….  Sure it’s nice to have something cheery at  the door to greet when people who come to visit, but that is once or twice a week at the most.  We use our back door every day, sometimes several times a day.

So this year I am doing it for me and my family and friends to enjoy. I will still put a little something at the front, but this year the “back door” people won’t be forgotten.

We had a new Value Village open up in our neighborhood today so I had to check it out.  I found these 2 wreaths and some other stuff, perfect to use to make a wreath.


image7 e1410207915423 Fall Wreath

 I tore off all the ribbon, flowers and stuff, and got it down to the bare wreath.

image e1410208783780 Fall Wreath

I planned to reuse some of the flowers and leaves but when I tried it out it was just too bright for my taste.  So I looked around the house to see what I had that I could use: magnolia leaves.  They are pretty when they dry out or you can use the back of the leaf, which is a beautiful color of brown.  I hot glued them on with a few extra doodads and a bow and hung it at our back door.  But it was lacking something.  I know what it needs…

image1 e1410208878838 Fall Wreath

A little blue and white.  This little ginger jar  fits in perfectly!

image5 e1410209055766 Fall Wreath That’s much better!

image4 e1410209220133 Fall Wreath

Now it looks like it belongs to our house!  I think I will love to come home and see this!

image6 e1410208704873 Fall Wreath

I had no sooner hung up my wreath, when a friend came to my back door and she was greeted with this.  Back door friends and family deserve a pretty welcome as well as front door guests.  I’m thinking of painting the door blue.  What do you  think?

Untitled 1 e1410266397502 Fall WreathP.S. Joining Tweak it Tuesday at Cozy Little House


A Perfect Day to Take a Break

August 26, 2014

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Blue and White Quilts and Plates on a Monday Morning

August 18, 2014

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Pink Lemonade and Pink Saturday

August 15, 2014

Every Saturday for at least 6 years Beverly at How Sweet The Sound has hosted Pink Saturday.and I decided to join in today.  I have been enjoying  the flowers in my garden, and these pink zinnias inspired me to get out my acrylic tubes of paint. So I looked through my rose colored glasses and […]

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Our Front Porch

August 14, 2014

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Pink Saturday

June 6, 2014

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Evolution of a Living Room

May 23, 2014

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A Book Signing with The Nester

May 4, 2014

 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Myquillyn Smith, The Nester has written a book.  If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, you will want to.   It is filled with lots of good ideas and lessons from her life as a “nester”. On Saturday there was a book signing at […]

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Spring Planter

April 14, 2014

I was at a wonderful nursery the other day that had beautiful planters filled with plants and they were expensive!  So being the cheapskate  thrifty person that I am I decided to make one myself. I filled  this nice white planter which I already had with some potting soil and then I went to my […]

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